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Let’s make society more humane – My name is Sacha Celine Verheij.

A camera gives me the chance to show the world how I perceive humanity and how I look at people. A pen allows me to dive deeper into my view on society.

All I wish for is to break taboos and have uncomfortable conversations, in order to make this space on earth safe enough for everyone to be heard and seen.


Photography is my way of making this world a more humane place. Through my photography I try to connect with people, but mostly I attempt people to connect within themselves. To let them see the way I see them. They’re just like me. Human and fragile, longing for connection.


Met ons boek ‘Golven van Verdriet’ geven Caro Suringar en ik een andere kijk op depressie en bieden wij een inkijkje in de existentiële beleving van depressie. In verschillende interviews krijgt u al een tipje van de sluier van ons boek. Verder kunt u hier andere interviews over mijn werk lezen.


Putting words to experiences of life is my aim of writing these articles. I touch on sensitive subjects, in order to break taboos. Ranging from depression to suicide, from identity to grief, from homosexuality to sexual abuse matters. Are you ready to talk about subjects which we normally don’t talk about?


Through poetry I found a way of dealing with death and grief. My wounds will never heal, but it sure does have a healing power. Losing loved ones will always hurt, but poetry allows me to soften and connect with other human beings. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and read my poetry.

With a BA in Humanistic Studies, I achieved a wide interest in humanity. My current MA in Gender & Diversity, brings more knowledge to my expertise on society.

I am passionate about breaking taboos, immersing myself in societal challenges and writing about unconventional topics.

For the mental health platform COMMEN. and the LGBTQ+-magazine ZIZO I write about sensitive subjects such as mental health, grief, diversity, gender and homosexuality.

Let’s make something together.