Sacha Celine Verheij

Editor, Writer and Photographer.

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About Sacha Celine Verheij

Her Story

Sacha (she/her) is a writer, editor and photographer. Her writings aim to give words to experiences of life, which are often overshadowed by shame and ignorance. She does not shy away from exploring taboos and addressing issues of social justice. As a lesbian woman with a mixed background caught between many worlds, she often doesn’t see herself reflected in a society that is centered around maleness, heterosexuality and white supremacy. Through her words and images, she is rewriting and visualizing the stories of the lives that have been erased from history.

How She Can Help You


Sacha writes articles on sensitive subjects like depression, grief, loneliness, homophobia, sexuality and racism. Her writing is delicate yet assured with ruthless candor.


Inspired by human fragility and search for identity, her photography focuses mainly on people and uncovering our shared humanity. Through photography Sacha visualizes our innate need for connection.


Sacha has developed trainings around the topic of mental resilience. She has given courses on mental health, diversity and LGBTQ+ issues. Hear her talk specifically about depression and suicide in the podcasts Jong op de Tong and Doodgewoon on Spotify.

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