• Jatiwangi Art Factory

    Jatiwangi Art Factory

    During our short collaborative stay at Jatiwangi Art Factory we got to see the richness of their clay culture. Formerly a rooftile factory, now worldwide known as a place for residencies working with terracotta. it’s 7 am in the morningthe sun is still lowthe wind still quietthe footsteps of the workersgoing back and forthback and… Read more

  • Skin Mutts Magazine

    Skin Mutts Magazine

    Read my Editor’s Note to get a feeling of what the first issue of Skin Mutts Magazine entails. Get your copy here: Read more

  • Why My Aunt Was Hiding from the Sun

    Why My Aunt Was Hiding from the Sun

    to discover to never be the Otherwhen the march against racial injusticerocked streets in cities big and smallis a privilege you find yourself between white peerdcarrying the unseen knapsack for yearsyou learn history painted in colours of whitenessbut the paint is so dry it flakes we have all known the truth for centurieshiding silently between… Read more

  • The never-ending wonder of the artist as a researcher

    The never-ending wonder of the artist as a researcher

    On a cold winter’s morning, New Master Bo Vloors joins us to visit the museum CIVA in Brussels. The exhibition After / D’après / Na by artist Vincent Meessen inaugurates ‘Research in Residence’, CIVA’s new collection-oriented transdisciplinary research initiative. Vincent Meessen presents a narrative reconstruction of a two-acre site just outside of Brussels to raise questions about… Read more

  • Soft materials, hard topics: a sneak peak into Frida Kahlo’s life

    Soft materials, hard topics: a sneak peak into Frida Kahlo’s life

    Have you always wondered what Frida Kahlo’s life was really like? Together with New Master and textile artist Sam Druant we wandered through the exhibition Miradas de Mujeres at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels. Artist Isabelle de Borchgrave gives us a sneak peek into Frida Kahlo’s life by recreating her Casa Azul (Blue House). Surrounded by the… Read more

  • Het Zwijgen Doorbroken

    Het Zwijgen Doorbroken

    Lees het verhaal via de volgende link: Read more

  • Het alledaagse daagt iedere dag op

    Het alledaagse daagt iedere dag op

    Terwijl ik nog met mijn gedachten zit bij gisteren, is vandaag al weer begonnen met de normaalste gang van zaken. De zakdoekjes gevuld met mijn tranen en snot liggen gefrummeld in het voorvakje van mijn rugzak. Ik zit op een hoge kruk bij het raam van een overpriced koffietentje. De ene YUP na de andere… Read more

  • Heb ik wel recht van spreken?

    Heb ik wel recht van spreken?

    ik probeer mijn plek te vinden in de conversatiemaar heb ik wel recht van sprekenals geen enkel teken van mijn bruine vooroudersin mijn bleke huid is te zien wanneer ik word bekekenvergeleken met mijn nichten en nevendie aan bewijs niets ontbrekenben ik een vraagtekenmijn familie is een product van een wereldgeschiedenisgeschiedenis die niet voorkomt in… Read more

  • How do you navigate life as a Skin Mutt?

    How do you navigate life as a Skin Mutt?

    How do you navigate life as a *Skin Mutt? It’s a question that many people within the community of Skin Mutts (a platform for people that grew up with different cultures and belong to multiple ethnicities) encounter at some point in life. We might all have different stories, but we find each other in our… Read more

  • Passing


    It’s 4 o’ clock in the afternoon. Just in time for my last oat milk cappuccino of the day. As I stroll through the streets of the city that still feels like a newly made friend, I catch myself not just looking for coffee. For me, it’s not only about the cappuccino, – even though… Read more

  • Grief doesn’t know time

    Grief doesn’t know time

    The age thirty is slowly getting closer and it’s scaring me. Not because I need to have my life in order, like my peers struggle with the approaching thirty. The thirty worries me for a different reason. When I pass thirty, I’ll be longer without than with a father on this earth. I was fifteen… Read more

  • Weightlifting of loneliness

    Weightlifting of loneliness

    Out of nowhere, tears roll down my cheeks. Without understanding it, it is just there. An indefinite emptiness that I can’t seem to fill up. I feel like a dot in the horizon that nobody can reach. Everybody can see me, but nobody is making contact with me. Waves crashing as attempts to connect. I… Read more

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