Grab yourself a cup of coffee and read my poetry

Sacha Celine Verheij

They Call It Magic

they call it magic
a rainbow in the sky
lightning up by the rain
and the burning sun
I wonder why we must hide
our burning desire
to love the same sex
I call it magic
I call it fire
feelings I thought
I could never have
because no one in school
taught me there's love like that
as a woman
you're supposed to fall in love with men
oh how much I tried to be into them
but there's something missing
I feel it in the kissing
it's empty and grey
but when a woman touches mine
it's full of colors
almost divine
it tastes like answers
to questions
I've unconsciously had all my life
why I never felt butterflies
when a boy smiled at me
or when a guy asked me on a date
I was looking at the wrong gender
luckily, it's never too late
to enter the world of love
they call it magic
a rainbow in the sky
majestic colors
lightning up by the rain
and the burning sun
this burning desire of mine
I now choose no longer 
to hide from anyone

None Of Us

none of us
really see things
as they are
we see things
as we are
none of us
really feel
the warmth of others
we feel
by choosing
we are scared
to be touched
to let someone in
because we've been
disappointed before
but if you don't
let yourself be loved
then what are you living for?

How it is to be mourning

time is not a measure for your pain
grief is not a competition
memories won't stay the same
tears don't need permission

rain it out
not necessarily to be heard
but for the illiterate world to see
how it is to be mourning

how you cry
in the middle of the night
because a memory came to your mind

how you freeze
by a mundane sight
of another dad helping his child

how you feel
a snippet of his presence
but all you've got is his absence

how you scream
but the world doesn't reply
to your question why

She’s That Kind Of Cigarette

she's that kind of cigarette
that tastes better than normal
the one you put between your lips
letting it kill you
but her love makes you feel warm
and lets you forget
the damage she's causing

A New Home Of Your Own

as for now I feel
lonely and alone
it’s hard to build
a new home of your own
in a different city
with no people around you
I see many walking
running and rushing
their way through life
how I wish to know
to find a brief moment
of connection
stop neglecting my inner needs
it only takes one good deed
a smile to a stranger
a greeting to a bus driver
a compliment to a barista
to start a conversation
so that I no longer have to drink
my morning coffee alone
my daily walks in the shadows
if I could just take a
step outside my mind
out of this lonely existence
but it’s truly hard to find
a new home of your own
in a different city
that I’m just getting to know

Slow Down

let’s slow down for a couple seconds
appreciate the rich palette of your feelings
embrace the landscape of your own brain
let yourself be touched by the heartaches of life
don’t ever worry for your grief to be too loud
breathe it out to the rhythm of your loving heart

Remember to be kind to yourself

Sacha Celine Verheij